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You are not your pain, fear, anger, or sadness... uncover the you that was never wounded




Rodiney Santiago Journey


As a certified personal trainer, I have been helping clients better understand their bodies and improve their physical and mental health for 10 years. During the start of the pandemic, I was fortunate enough to be in Bali for two months. During this time, I gained knowledge in various techniques of massage, meditation, and breath work. It was in Bali that I realized my calling as a healer facilitator.

Being a Spiritual awake for me was very clear what it was my propurse here as a soul. So i decided anchoring my light on this planet to support people to clear blocks, access new levels, let go of stress, process emotions and heal trauma. I feel Very aligned with it.


Upon returning to the USA, I decided to further my education, focusing on different massage techniques and healing practices. This journey led me to discover the beautiful technique of ERT - Emotional Release Therapy. At First i went to Brazil and i learned part of this technique with Amanae and finishing it with Opening Shifit. ERT is a hands-on modality that creatively synthesizes specific bodywork and inner child work. What i am also fascinated about this technique is, people can also Sarcastic Meomories (access pass lifes) and have multidimensional experience. It all happen when Points on the body are 'opened' or activated, allowing trapped emotions, which were held due to feeling unsafe or unexpressed, an opportunity to be released. 


The body has hundreds of points or doorways that become 'clogged' over the years. Through breath work and opening these points, we invite the body's channels to clear stagnant energy. When these points are opened, memories can resurface, emotions can flow, and we can learn to embrace our wounded parts, helping us become the peaceful, loving beings we are meant to be.

Why Santiago 5D?


5D is a state of consciousness. As 5D humans, we live from our heart's wisdom, from Unity Consciousness, unconditional love, and unbridled creativity. 5D humans have highly developed inner senses of empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, and clairsentience qualities that are opening for many as we go through this dimensional shift. Every Human can be in 5D state.


Clients Voices

I prioritize personalized attention and unwavering dedication to  ensuring YOUR satisfaction and Healing is top priority.
Casey Johnson

  I found inner peace and balance after my session with Rodiney. The emotional release therapy was truly life-changing, helping me navigate through challenges with clarity and grace.

David Purifoy

   I have a chronic nerve condition that cause my muscles to be tight all of the time and I need massages to help manage this. I just moved to Atlanta and was nervous about finding someone who would be able to provide me with the level of therapy I needed.

I found Rodiney and set my appointment, always a bit skeptical after having many years of experience as a client.

    When we were finished I told Rodiney something I never imagined I would say.

"After having over 250 massages in my life, you are the best massage therapist I have ever had." I have had my share of exceptional therapists, so I was genuinely surprised.

Why? He has a gift for touch, something I have come to learn that a person has or they don't. It was also clear that he could read my body and adjust accordingly, something all great therapist must be able to do. He also was focused and committed through each moment of the massage.

Even good therapist often lose focus throughout a massage. Those are the technical reason.


  On a human level, it is clear through his actions that he cares about you and wants healing in your body and your heart. He is warm, gentle, grounded, and clearly guides you through the experience.

If you are still reading you will not be surprised that I highly recommend him.

Dale Jones

  Most grateful for your holistic, thoughtful and therapeutic session. It was both a physical and mental rejuvenation this afternoon. You  have a special gift of bringing holistic healing to body, mind and spirit. I look forward to our next session. All the best! Dale


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